Xena Warrior Princess hijacks an oil-drilling ship. (Really!)

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

In the days since she was righting mythological wrongs on her long-running TV show, Lucy Lawless has become many things: the sultry star of Spartacus, an integral part of Battlestar Galactica and, apparently, a Greenpeace activist willing to capture a drilling vessel to keep it from drilling in the Arctic.

Which is what Lawless and and group of other Greenpeace activists did yesterday, when they boarded the Shell-contracted Noble Discoverer, which was docked in Auckland, New Zealand, to stop it from leaving for the Alaskan coast to drill.

Lawless became acquainted with Greenpeace since she played an activist in 1992's The Rainbow Warrior, but according to her, her motives aren't quite that clear-cut. As she told the Village Voice, who caught up with her while on the Noble Discoverer:

"I really don't think of myself as an activist. So how did this happen? The world has been putting fossil fuels in the air and the scientists have been screaming from the rooftops. The fact that now the major oil companies are spearheading this mad oil dash to the Arctic, one of the most pristine environments left on the planet, it's the definition of madness. They think the melting ice caps is not a warning to humanity about climate change—they think it's an invitation. This is unacceptable. We cannot allow our grandchildren to grow up with a terrible burden. That's what we're doing here today. Hands off the Arctic!"

We here in the peanut gallery have no comment. We all navigate life by our own stars.

(via The Village Voice)