15 of the most disgusting Halloween candies you can buy

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

You could serve your friends ordinary candy corn and chocolate bars at your Halloween bash, but where's the fun in that? Don't just feed them—disgust them! That's why, for the 17th of our 31 specials for the 31 days of Halloween, we present the most revolting treats money can buy.

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Candy Blood Bags

Why drink wine when you can drink blood? OK, so it's only cherry-flavored syrup ... but we can dream, can't we?

Ear Wax Candy

This candy comes with a plastic swab to dig out what's actually just a fruit gel. At least they tell us it's just a fruit gel. And a candy company wouldn't lie, would it?

Zit Poppers

Squeeze these soft, sticky zits and a candy ooze seeps out. Or if you want to head home from the party alone, just apply them directly to your face.

Organ Harvest Gummy Candies

Turn your party into a haunted hospital with these gummy hearts, lungs, brains and intestines.

Candy Scabs

Don't just pick at your scabs—eat them!

Hose Nose

Use the elastic straps to wear this rubber nose over your own and then root around for the candy slime. Or buy two, so you can prove that everything you were told in the third grade was wrong by picking your friend and your friend's nose!

Barf Bag

These orange-flavored gummy and liquid candies make for a wonderful—forgive us—gag gift.

Sour Flush Toilet

Use the edible plunger pops to clean out the plastic toilet filled with sour power candy while trying not to think of the real thing.

Toe Jam

Apple-flavored cotton candy treats so perfectly shaped they could have been molded between your own toes.

Zombie Cupcakes

Yeah, we know that cupcakes technically aren't candy, but still—BRAINS!

Sour Liquid Candy Urine Samples

Unscrew the cap and all you'll find is lemonade, but suddenly the blood bags above don't seem quite as unappealing as they did a moment ago.

White Chocolate Maggots

A Halloween treat even Gil Grissom would approve of.


The manufacturer claims that these are "tangy boogies that look & feel real!" But how can they be so sure? We'd love to get a peek at their research and development department.

Bloody Eyeball Gumball

These cherry-filled gumballs are the only candy here that when you look at it, looks back.

Chocolate Doo Drops

The less said about this molded chocolate the better. We don't know about you, but if we dared to eat it at all, we'd probably have to do it with our eyes closed.

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