Y: The Last Man series moving forward at FX, showrunner hired

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Nov 16, 2016, 9:42 AM EST (Updated)

It seems FX really is serious about adapting the legendary comic Y: The Last Man into live action, and the network has now tapped a showrunner to make it happen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cable network has hired Michael Green (American Gods, Blade Runner sequel) to serve as showrunner. Green will co-write the script with original comic creator Brian K. Vaughan. The network is reportedly still considering Y: The Last Man as an ongoing series, and it remains in active development. Green looks to be a capable hire, plus having Vaughan involved is certainly a good sign behind the scenes.

If you haven’t read Y: The Last Man, go do it. Now. We’ll wait. The 60-issue comic series is about the last surviving man on Earth as he tries to figure out why all the Y chromosomes have died off. The series is groundbreaking and extremely compelling, and a television adaptation looks to be about the only way to do it justice considering the length and scope. Filmmakers tried for years to bring it to the big screen, but every attempt from 2007-2014 failed, so it finally landed at FX.

Thankfully, FX has proven to be a perfect home for creative and ambitious dramas over the past few years. The network has shepherded projects such as American Horror Story, Justified, The Americans, Fargo, The Strain and Atlanta. The X-Men related Legion is also debuting in early 2017. So if there were ever a perfect home for Y (outside of a place like HBO), this could be it.

What do you think? Are you glad to see Y: The Last Man gaining some momentum?


(Via The Hollywood Reporter)