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Y: The Last Man television adaptation gets pilot order from FX

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Apr 5, 2018

The beloved comic Y: The Last Man is finally getting a live-action adaptation, after years of false starts. A pilot based on Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's masterpiece has been given the green light at FX, the network announced Thursday. 

Michael Green (American Gods, Blade Runner 2049) and Aida Mashaka Croal (Jessica Jones) will serve as co-showrunners. This announcement comes a year after Green was picked for the position, and almost three years since the TV adaptation landed at FX. Melina Matsoukas (Insecure, Beyonce: Formation) will direct the pilot. 

Launched in 2002, Y: The Last Man was published by DC Comics/Vertigo. The story recounted the tale of Yorick Brown (and his faithful monkey, Ampersand), a would-be escape artist who somehow winds up being the last surviving human with a Y chromosome. Early on in the first issue, Yorick becomes the last man in a world now consisting solely of women. Created by Vaughan and artist Pia Guerra, the title ran for 60 issues.

FX, the network behind the comic-book-based insanity that is Legion, teases this description of the (potential) series: "All of the men are dead. But one. Y traverses a world of women — exploring gender, race, class, and survival."

If the story of a world dominated by women seems like the genre project the world needs now more than ever, you could be right. Plans for the show changed drastically after the 2016 election, and last July, Green told The Hollywood Reporter that his vision had changed. As he said, "It would have been a very different show, and very different development process, had the election not been as horrifying as it was. I had to put the script down for a couple months and really reassess if tonally, because it became a different creature, it became violent protest. It couldn't not be political, and I had to embrace it, and I had to find my way in, and I had to find a way to channel my own dismay, disappointment and rage into it, while still keeping it what it is. For a minute there I almost walked away." 

Aside from the election, the story and themes of Y: The Last Man are all the more relevant in the wake of the #MeToo and Time's Up movements. Here's hoping that the pilot is successful, and that the show moves forward — it's time for this story to be found once again. 

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