Yahoo to produce a sci-fi comedy that mixes Sliders with space travel

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Apr 30, 2014, 1:41 PM EDT (Updated)

Did you ever see Sliders, the 1995-2000 Fox/SciFi show about dimensional travelers? Each week, the characters would find themselves in a parallel world, trying to find their way back to their reality. It looks as if we'll be getting another dimension-hopping show on our television. Except that it's ... not exactly television. Instead of airing on network or cable TV, this show will come to your home via Yahoo.

Yahoo is about to join Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft and YouTube as a producer of original television shows; Yahoo will make its entrée into the world of streaming TV with two comedy shows: the sci-fi show, Other Space, as well as a show about a basketball team.

As with the format popularized by the BBC, the season will consist of only eight episodes.

According to CNET, Other Space

will be headed up by Paul Feig, creator of "Freaks and Geeks" and an Emmy-nominated director for "The Office."

It will feature a band of galactic travelers from Earth in the 22nd century, a time when wider space travel has yet to beget any discovery of alien life. However, the crew stumbles into an exciting and exotic alternate universe, and presumably some hijinks ensue. Feig also directed the excellent 2011 film "Bridesmaids," if the convincing "Freaks and Geeks" credit isn't enough.

In other words, it's what happens when Sliders meets early-days Star Trek (or Hyperdrive or Captain Video) without aliens but with comedy.

Hey, we're open-minded. After all, one of our favorite TV shows is a comedy/drama western without aliens but with brainwashed psychic assassins.

Via Slashdot.