Yay! Primeval's not extinct anymore; it's coming back soon

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Ending abruptly on a cliffhanger, the British sci-fi series Primeval looked like it was as dead as the dinosaurs because producer ITV was too strapped to pay for a fourth season of the visual-effects-intensive series.

But series creator Adrian Hodges managed to secure financing elsewhere, and international networks airing the show—including BBC America—are contributing the budget for a fourth season. (Possible spoilers ahead!) That means we get to learn the fate of the characters, who were last seen in the past.

"Obviously there's a question of, at the end of the last season, three major characters were stuck in the past," Hodges told us. "So a lot of the first two episodes is going to be about how some of them at least get back."

The upcoming new season of Primeval will explore the other side of time travel: So far, the characters have only gone backward, where dinosaurs chase them. "There will be an aspect of the future in it, which is new for us," Hodges said.

Here's where it gets really interesting: There probably aren't dinosaurs in the future, but Hodges could take inspiration from other future-based sci-fi stories to bring new creatures to Primeval.

"Well, if you think of the future predators from other series, we're going to have a kind of variation on that idea," Hodges said. "There may also be some human intervention from the future as well."

In the aftermath of the series' temporary cancellation, lead actor Jason Flemyng moved on to other projects. He has agreed to return for up to three episodes, but Hodges is working on ways to advance the story without Flemyng.

"We're going to move it on pretty fast," Hodges said. "Jason won't necessarily come back at the beginning of the season. We're going to hold back his reappearance, but that will be shooting from March. We have the first five episodes written, so we're shooting in March."

Hodges envisions 13 episodes for Primeval's fourth season. BBC America aired the first two seasons of the show as Volume 1.

Are you glad Primeval's going back to the future?

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