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Year In Review: The 14 best genre movie trailers of 2014

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:50 AM EDT (Updated)

Sure, what we all really want to see is the movie, but a trailer can be a work of art all by itself.

We live in an interesting time for movie trailers, a time when we get 15-second teaser trailers for the 90-second teaser trailers we're going to see a day or two later, a time when seeing footage at Comic-Con is about as exclusive as it gets before everything winds up on YouTube. At this point, we've got access to any movie trailer we want all day, every day, so editors really have to work for our attention. And of course, some are better at it than others.

We saw a lot of great trailers this year, from trailers that highlighted their films' best attributes to those that made the films seem better than they actually were. Each of the 14 trailers below are clips we watched over and over again before their respective films came out (some of them aren't out yet), and sometimes even after, just get another taste of the fun. They range from superhero blockbusters to independent horror to a Mad Max movie we've been waiting decades to see, and we even threw in a little bonus for you.

Check out our picks for the top genre trailers of the year below, and let us know what your favorite was in the comments.