Yes, this IS officially what Captain America looks like!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Did Marvel hire BP execs to run things? Because all of a sudden, images from the studio's next two movies are leaking all over the place!

We already showed you those pics of Chris Hemsworth as the Thunder God in next May's Thor that made their way online, and earlier there was that verbal description of the designs for Captain America's outfit. But then Ain't It Cool News got hold of the actual Cap images that everyone was talking about!

We've already gone through the changes made from Cap's costume in the comics, and while we'll miss his iconic wings, the suit now probably looks more "cinematic" and more realistic from a military point of view. There's no word yet on whether the outfit in these images is strictly from Cap's World War II era, but we're guessing that's the case and that we have yet to see a modernized version.

Of course, the costume is only as good as the man who wears it, and we have high hopes that star Chris Evans will successfully fill those big boots when Captain America: The First Avenger hits screens next July.