Yikes! Composer James Horner reveals why he didn't score Amazing Spidey 2

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Dec 8, 2014, 1:25 PM EST (Updated)

There comes a point in the careers of the most successful creators when there's no longer a need to take on every project that's sent your way. And for a very lucky few, the ability to be bluntly honest about why certain projects get turned down becomes a reality.

Sidenote: If you really liked Amazing Spider-Man 2 and also really love James Horner's work, now might be a time to look away.

In an interview with fansiteĀ James Horner Film Music, Horner was asked why he chose to work with Marc Webb on Amazing Spider-Man. Horner gave a much longer and more in-depth response than you might have expected.

He was very inexperienced and he and I had a very good relationship and the producers had their own opinion. And they didn't want his input. And then Sony had their own, they just wanted action.

To me, the whole thing about doing the movie was I liked the director and there was a chance to write something for the two lead characters and then she dies in the next movie. But the next movie ended up being so terrible, I didn't want to do it. It was just dreadful.

Studio interference from Sony during the Amazing Spidey movies has become one of the worst-kept secrets in modern filmmaking, but it's still a little shocking to see it writ so large here and from such a big name in Hollywood.

What do you think? Was Horner right to pass on the project? And will his words finally sink in with someone over at Sony?

(via Comic Book)

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