Yikes! The Prisoner ratings drop 56%

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

The Prisoner dropped from a pretty solid 2.2 million viewers during its debut episode to an "OMG what just happened?!?" less than 1 million viewers for its second night. Judging from comments around the Web, the answer to "What just happened?" is that people watched and just didn't like it very much. (We liked a lot of it but were ultimately disappointed.)

We weren't the only ones. Chuck Barney over at the Contra Costa Times felt that "by the third or fourth hour, The Prisoner begins to get so monotonous and repetitive that you might start feeling like an inmate yourself." TV over at That Warm Glow writes, "I'm all for nonlinear, challenging storytelling, but this is just a jumble and more often than not makes no sense." And Adi Tantimedh at Bleeding Cool wasn't even that kind, writing, "Let's get this out of the way: The Prisoner remake is sh-t. Pointless, generic sh-t."

Since it's a miniseries, there's no real implication from these numbers, although if AMC ever entertained the idea of turning it into a regular show (and we have no idea whether they did), there's probably no chance of that now. Hopefully it won't sour AMC on science fiction altogether. We'd love to see them do a sci-fi series that lived up to the quirkiness and quality of Breaking Bad and Mad Men.