Yoda's back in 2 new clips from Netflix's final season of Star Wars: Clone Wars

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Mar 5, 2014

We’re just a few days away from the debut of Netflix’s final season of Star Wars: Clone Wars on March 7, and two new clips have dropped to get us ready.

The new footage shows off Master Yoda, who is always a welcome presence, and we get a look at some clones who come to Kamino. Considering the fact that it’s been a long time since we saw any new footage from this series, it’s nice to finally get a peek at the 13 new episodes.

In addition to the final season of Clone Wars, it sounds like Netflix will also be getting a lot more Star Wars goodness in the years to come. USA Today is reporting that the streaming service will become Disney, Marvel and Pixar’s exclusive first-run, live-action and animated movie home online starting in 2016. So, if you’re not already a subscriber, the service should be even more compelling in a few years.

While we wait for “The Lost Missions” to arrive and a boatload of binge watching to begin, enjoy this sneak peek below. 

(Via USA Today, Superhero Hype)

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