#YodaTVShows brings Yoda to Twitter it does

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Jan 20, 2018, 11:25 AM EST

We have no evidence of Yoda using Twitter but love it, he would. Especially when a new hashtag has Yoda-fied some hit TV shows.

We all know Yoda has a sense of humor, and ever since he first made his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back, fans have loved to use his interesting speech pattern to have a little fun. George Lucas has never provided a reason for the unique way Yoda talks (and probably never will), so let's just assume part of the reason is for our entertainment. 

Since Twitter is the place to go for puns and creativity, it's a natural place to play a Yoda-inspired game with the names of your favorite TV shows.

The suggestion was made and the Internet responded, they did. First, there are plenty of reality shows whose names are actually just questions. This makes switching the names around seem natural. Yoda could've said any of these names and it would've made total sense.

There are also a few TV shows whose titles are just trying to explain to you exactly how they happened. These would make great Yoda TV shows as well, since they're all about the wisdom.

And some of them are just plain funny when re-written the way Yoda might say them. Partially because imagining Yoda talking about The Walking Dead is hilarious in itself.

There are some ideas here we'd just love to see make it on TV one day. Come on, network executives, this is your moment.

Yoda may not have Twitter yet, but just imagine the engagement when he finally makes the leap. Until then, follow the #YodaTVShows feed, you should.