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You can finally buy a Ms. Marvel costume at the Disney Store

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Aug 11, 2017

Kamala Khan fans: It’s finally happened. It’s taken years, but there is an official version of Ms. Marvel’s costume available at the Disney Store. It’s not clear why it’s taken this long to have an official costume for one of Marvel’s most popular superheroes, but we’re glad it’s finally happened.


As pictured, the costume includes a long-sleeved top, pants, a separate scarf, an eye mask, and a removable cuff. Disney’s description says, “Your young hero will be ready for adventure in this Ms. Marvel Costume inspired by the Kamala Khan comic stories.” It retails for $44.95.

One sad note is that this costume is only available for kids. If you know any tots who want to run around as Kamala this Halloween, you’re in luck. But if you’re an adult who can’t fit into kids’ sizes, you probably have to resort to making your own. Or have someone else make one for you. Which is what I did.

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It's honestly frustrating that it's taken this long for there to be an official Ms. Marvel costume; after all, her series debuted in early 2014 and has received rave reviews. The series' trades consistently made the New York Times bestseller list. There's generally been a dearth of this type of merchandise centered around female characters (#WheresRey comes immediately to mind), but Kamala doesn't have a starring role in a movie. It's gratifying, then, to see Disney finally acknowledge that a female comic book character without a film franchise is important enough to have an official costume for sale. Let's hope that Squirrel Girl is next on the list.

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