You can literally buy a huge chunk of the original Evil Dead II cabin

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Jul 6, 2017, 1:11 PM EDT

After an effort to restore the cabin used in Evil Dead II ended with a lot of the structure collapsing, a chunk of the iconic horror locale has now hit the auction block. Want to literally own a piece of Deadite history?

Horror fan Mike Pasquale was working to restore the cabin and take it on tour to some fan conventions, but the old cabin just wasn’t in good enough shape to survive the job. So, he managed to salvage some pieces, and one of them is now up for grabs on eBay. The piece is the exterior wall from the front upper left side of the original Evil Dead II cabin. If you’re watching the movie, it’s the piece above the clock and cellar door.

Sure, this is a gigantic prop to actually take on, but c’mon, you could use this thing to build your own cabin, right? Deadites (probably) not included.

Head here to check out the auction and throw out some cash. The bidding is currently at $1,499.

[Editor’s Note: The feature shot above is actually from Ash vs. the Evil Dead, and isn’t the cabin from Evil Dead 2. But still, they look a lot alike. Check out the actual piece in question below]


(Via Bloody Disgusting)