You can now buy a functioning 13-foot mech suit on Amazon for $1 million

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Jan 19, 2015, 3:41 PM EST

You can buy just about anything on Amazon — including a massive, real-life mech. If you were ever looking for an excuse to get Amazon Prime, we’ve found it. 

Amazon Japan has a 13-foot Kuratas mech suit on sale for just a bit over $1 million, though you’ll have to pay extra for arms and forearms, because they’re not part of this starter kit. The rig is estimated to weigh 5 tons, and as expected, it looks insanely cool.

But if you have a cool $1 million on hand and want to live your robot dreams, act fast, because there’s only one mech available for purchase at the moment. The mech suit has been kicking around development for a few years, but this marks the first time it's ever been sold to the public. On Amazon, to boot.

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(Via Engadget)