You can now have Stephen King cover art hanging in your living room

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Sep 6, 2017

Admit it, you’ve always wanted the original cover of The Shining to be the only family portrait hanging above your fireplace, and the hissing feline of Pet Sematary to scare away unwanted guests at the front door. Lucky for you, Suntup Press has just made that possible.

Obsessed with books in the best possible way (as am I), founder Paul Suntup is now working with the artists who imprinted such memorable images -- like Jake escaping the monster house in The Dark Tower series, or the shadows falling over the titular town of Salem’s Lot -- into our nightmares. You don’t want to wait in the shadows too long, though.

These extremely limited signed prints include The Shining by Dave Christensen, Misery and IT by Bob Giusti, Pet Sematary by Linda Fennimore, The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands by Ned Dameron, and The Dark Tower Series 1 and 2 composites by Tony Mauro.


When the books were originally published with this astounding art, some parts had to be cropped out to fit the cover, so we never really got to see the artist’s entire vision, until now. The unprecedented macro view of the detail is also not to be missed. There’s that amazing water reflection effect on IT, guns and roses where you’d least expect them on The Dark Tower comps, and those multi-dimensional glowing eyes on Pet Sematary.

“This is the artwork, printed in a format and style that is faithful to the original, and now the general public can really appreciate these pieces for the first time," Suntup told Blurppy in an exclusive interview. “The series, for me, is a way to honor the artists and their work.”


If I could wallpaper my place with the Dark Tower ones, I would.

You can get yours framed or unframed, but only 50 of each print are available in small or large, with a new one released each month that is bound to disappear as soon as it materializes. So get your claws on these before Pennywise does.

Also, note to Paul: if you are somehow able to morph that 1978 reflective silver cover of The Shining into poster form, I will worship you forever.



Credit: Linda Fennimore




(via Dread Central)

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