You can relax: Ian Ziering and Tara Reid will be back for Sharknado 2

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Jan 30, 2014, 7:14 PM EST (Updated)

We just wanted to set your minds at ease. Until the sharks show up, that is.

It's still mind-blowing to me that Sharknado became as big a success as it did. It was a perfect storm of hamminess, cheesiness and sharkiness. But even good cheese isn't guaranteed to sell. And yet, I remember being at a convention and, despite everything going on there, all anyone was talking about was Sharknado.

So, naturally, there's a sequel, which you probably already knew. But what hasn't been revealed until now is that Ian Ziering and Tara Reid will both reprise their roles from the original.

Fin and April will find themselves in New York City, where the totally thinkable will occur -- Sharknado 2! And yes, they will, in fact, be filming in New York. Which makes the whole thing a much easier sell for me.

How about you? Still game for the sharky sequel?

(via Uproxx)

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