You can't explain Bill O'Reilly

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Feb 11, 2011
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Because Bill O'Reilly's arrogance, willful ignorance, and egregious lack of rational thinking is such a juicy target for satire, I present to you a whole bunch of things Bill O'Reilly can't explain. Here's one:

That link has quite a few more, almost all of which made me laugh. Never a miscommunication.

[UPDATE: I am most amused by the comments below telling me to stay away from politics -- perhaps they missed that this whole thing started because of Bill O'Reilly's gross misunderstanding of scientific facts and how science works, a point I even link to right away at the top of this post -- and, even better, that if I continue this way my "days are numbered". After doing this for five years now I can count my days in the thousands, and there are many thousands more ahead of me. Before commenting on my discussing politics and/or religion, read this page I wrote just for you. If you still feel you must speak up, then by all means do so! But don't expect me to ever stop writing about topics just because you disagree with me.]

Tip o' the loufa to CupcakeKarate.

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