You just can’t StopSylviaBrowne

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Feb 8, 2007

I've talked about the website StopSylviaBrowne before, which is an attempt to make the public aware of the loathsome and vile things done by the self-proclaimed psychic.

Oddly enough, Ms. Browne wasn't happy that the site existed, and sicced her lawyer on Robert Lancaster, the webmaster and creative force behind The lawyer sent Robert a letter, saying that the website name was an infringement on her trademarked name, that the site infringed on some of her logos, and various other ridiculous and frivolous claims.

So Robert struck back. His lawyers sent a letter to Ms. Browne. Read it and cheer.

My favorite bit:

Your letter of January 26 has set forth no factual or legal basis as to how Mr. Lancaster is in violation of any of your client's rights. Unless you are able to cite some support for your claims, Mr. Lancaster will neither cease nor desist from operating StopSylviaBrowne.Com. He is involved in the distribution of important information about this person who, you are reminded, has chosen a life in the public eye.

It is a fact that bears mention that Ms. Browne is a person of wealth and resources far in excess of Mr. Lancaster. There have been instances where monied individuals have used the courts as tools to bully their detractors. You are put on notice that any suit filed without basis will be met with a vigorous defense that will take full advantage of California's anti-SLAPP law and include motions for legal fees and sanctions. In such suit, this letter will be produced as evidence that your clients were aware that no grounds existed for any lawsuit. You are also put on notice that it may be a breach of ethics for a lawyer to prosecute a case knowing that it has no footing in law and knowing that it is being used to harass the defendant.

Man, I love the good guys.

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