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First trailer for 'You Should Have Left' traps Kevin Bacon in a hyper-modern haunted house

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Jun 8, 2020, 12:25 PM EDT

Moving out into the country is the ominous start to many horror films, and You Should Have Leftwriter/director David Koepp's (Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible, Panic Room) adaptation of Daniel Kehlmann's novel for Blumhouse — is building up as much tension as possible in its freaky first trailer.

Usually the rural setting is a catalyst for its residents to start freaking out, but here the new Alps-set home might already have some unexpected residents of its own. Even hyper-modern Airbnb-esque rentals can be haunted houses.

The film — which SYFY WIRE unveiled the first image for earlier today — sees a screenwriter (Kevin Bacon), his actress wife (Amanda Seyfried), and their 6-year-old daughter Ella (Avery Essex) move out to the countryside, where a home filled with living shadows, architectural impossibilities, and endless switches torment their lives and play on their secretive guilt. It's never been a worse time to be stuck at home.

Check it out:

Now, that's a haunted house for the 21st century. The Shining-esque plot looks to tease out plenty of mysteries kept close by the characters as locals sadly watch the house tear them apart. Looks like a woman in a bathtub plays a large part in the film, and there's reference to a crime Bacon's character was found innocent of ... perhaps the house did find him for a reason after all. The original novel documents its lead's trials and tribulations in the unnatural home over the course of six December days. It certainly doesn't take long for the trailer to start getting spooky.

The film's poster also dropped, in case the trailer alone wasn't scary enough:

Source: Universal Pictures

Koepp returns to direct for the first time since the mustache-laden 2015 Johnny Depp film Mortdecai, though the longtime screenwriter has also been busy penning such buzzy genre fare as Indiana Jones 5 in the meantime.

You Should Have Left will warn horror fans repeatedly when it drops On Demand on June 19.