You won’t believe how long Samuel L. Jackson worked to perfect that Mace Windu/Palpatine lightsaber battle

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Jun 22, 2018

We know Samuel L. Jackson’s Mace Windu isn’t messing around when it comes to lightsaber wielding – after all, you don’t just get "Bad Motherf**ker" inscribed on your handle for nothing. But perhaps we didn’t realize how hard Jackson worked to get so bad.

In the mother-f**ker-laden video below, GQ sent Samuel L. Jackson to go “undercover” to sites like Reddit, Twitter, Quora, and Wikipedia to answer burning fan questions, one of which uncovered some interesting tidbits about his Jedi time. 

After learning that Mace would undoubtedly kick every other Jackson character’s ass (apparently Jediing is greater than Frozoning), the actor went on to field a question concerning his real-world ability to wield a sword. Jackson answered by recalling his time spent battling Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

“Lightsaber battles? It takes a long time to learn those, or it did when I was doing them,” said Jackson. “The last one I did with the Emperor was 99 moves through three rooms, backwards for me. So, two weeks in sneakers and shorts, two weeks in boots, another week in Jedi robe/boots/lightsaber before we actually shot it. So, it was pretty intense.”

As you can see in the scene below, we’re not talking about a lot of screen time here, especially when you consider he spent five weeks warming up to even shoot it. But it is some of the best time you can spend watching the prequels, thanks in part to Jackson’s fancy footwork.

Too bad Hayden Christensen had to come around and ruin it for everyone. 

The whole video is chock-full of potentially interesting gems too, like the fact that Jackson would do an English accent on Game of Thrones if you paid him enough; or that he’d be willing to revisit Snakes on a Plane in a “Snakes on a Train” reboot, if the snakes were “dope enough”; and, unlike other actors, he enjoys watching his own movies, especially Long Kiss Goodnight

So do we Sam, so do we, but we’ll take your Jedi work over that one any time. 

(via IndieWire)

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