You won't believe who Robert Kirkman wants as Negan on The Walking Dead

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Apr 15, 2014, 1:09 PM EDT

Now that The Walking Dead has moved clear of the Governor, it's only a matter of time before Negan comes along. He's another ruthless villain who terrorizes the plucky survivors we've come to know and love. Creator Robert Kirkman has all but confirmed that Negan will appear on the show, and he's already hinting at his casting. In an interview with MTV, Kirkman revealed who he'd love to see in the role, and it's not who you'd expect.

The producer wants to keep Negan in the AMC family by reaching out to a different type of mad man. "I think Jon Hamm would be perfect," said Kirkman "I think after Mad Men has run, Jon Hamm is going to have a Tom Hanks-level film career, so I don't think he'll be coming back to television anytime soon. Although that would be cool!"

Hamm has already wrapped Mad Men, and the final season debuted last Sunday. The actor is currently on the promotional circuit with his new film, Million Dollar Arm. As Don Draper, Hamm tapped into his unsavory side, but he was nowhere near as sadistic as Negan.

As for other casting possibilities, "Scott [Gimple] and I are always talking about who we would put in that, it's definitely on our minds, and there are definitely a lot of candidates," explained Kirkman. "But I wouldn't expect Negan too terribly soon, although he is definitely in the plan. It's a 99 percent lock that he's going to be in the show eventually, so be on the lookout for that."

Who would you like to see play Negan on The Walking Dead?

(via MTV)