YOU control Conan in dizzying new 3-D interactive poster

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Dec 14, 2012

Swords? Check. Desolate landscape? Check. Conan the Barbarian holding a weapon, about to bury it into his enemy's chest? Check. Do we have the ingredients for an awesome Conan poster? Yes—except this "motion poster" is even better than that.

We saw one other motion poster in March, but this one blows it away: The frame itself moves, revealing a much larger image than you'd at first expect; you can even move the image with your cursor and hover over the Hyperborean. Also, thanks to perspective, the poster has a mock-3-D appearance, perfect for a 3-D movie.

Almost perfect. It's sadly missing the touch of the late and great artist Frank Frazetta.

Feast your eyes (and ears) on this:

Via: UGO

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