You knew it was coming: Prometheus finally gets an honest trailer

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Dec 17, 2012

You wanted it, and now you have it. Following their brutally honest trailer for The Avengers, ScreenJunkies has taken on Prometheus.The Ridley Scott film was easily one of the most polarizing movies of the summer, and now it's time to clear the air.

Prometheus is "an epic quest that has no answers or payoff to anything." Does that sound like an accurate description? That's one of the many one-liners the announcer uses to "sell" the movie. He goes after those unexplained events that left us all scratching our heads.

Here are just some of the issues addressed: the green goo, the giant head statue, the disregard of evolution, that green crystal, the Engineer's hatred of humans, the black goo, the black goo creating an eye worm, the black goo creating a zombie, the black goo dissolving an Engineer, and David murdering someone for no reason. Do you get the picture?

What do you think? Does the trailer hit the mark?

(via ScreenJunkies)