That new Blade Runner film? Ridley Scott's directing it!

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Dec 15, 2012

So what does Ridley Scott plan to do after exploring the Alien universe again in his current project, Prometheus? Looks like he's returning to the world of Blade Runner!

According to Deadline, Scott will direct and produce a new Blade Runner film for Alcon Entertainment (via Warner Bros.), which secured the rights to the franchise earlier this year. There's no word yet on whether he intends to make a prequel or sequel to his 1982 classic, but it's clear that with Scott at the helm, the idea of a new Blade Runner movie has taken on a whole new air of credibility.

There's no script yet and no names mentioned to write it, but the interesting thing that's mentioned in the Deadline piece is that Prometheus started life as a direct Alien prequel, more or less, and evolved over time into an original story that ties in to the Alien mythology somehow without being a direct part of that storyline.

Could the same thing happen with Blade Runner? We'll have to watch over time and see how the project develops. And where does original star Harrison Ford fit into all this? We're not sure, and apparently he isn't either.

One thing's for sure, though: While a new Blade Runner film might not necessarily have been a good idea in the wrong hands, the fact that Ridley Scott is returning to the world of Rick Deckard and the replicants has suddenly put this project on the map in a big way. Do you agree?