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You'll be dying to see 10,000 zombies get pulverized by a blender in this unreal Black Masses tech demo

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Nov 16, 2018, 3:35 PM EST (Updated)

There is a horde of zombie video games out there, but have you ever played one that let you annihilate 10,000 undead with a ginormous medieval blender? Watch this extreme tech demo and you're going to believe that's actually possible.

WARNING: EXTREME GORE AHEAD. Scroll at your own risk!

Brilliant Game Studios has done something really brilliant by making the zombie blender a reality in its upcoming game The Black Masses, an open world RPG in which you hack off all the rotting limbs you can handle while investigating a dark mystery. Being taken all the way back to medieval times means you also get to wield a sword, which makes slicing up reanimated corpses that much more satisfying.

This is also the first time Brilliant is using its Unity Engine for something this gory. Unity  also fueled its previous release Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, and is able to render 10,000 character models without compromising performance. That's a lot of moaning.

Medieval zombie media hasn’t really been a thing up until now, but this game could mean it will be infecting the zombie subgenre soon. You’ll find yourself surrounded by walkers on a six-square-mile island. That is much, much smaller than the space you have to quest and fight in SkyrimWhich means you're pretty much surrounded by walls of decomposing flesh.

You’ve never seen more limbs dismembered at once in your life — not even on The Walking Dead — than in this tech demo. The undead masses shamble toward an immense blade that makes a flesh smoothie of them in about two minutes. It shows off what Brilliant calls its “new dismemberment and procedural wounding system” that allows so many arms and legs and heads to be lopped off at once. When you hit one (or ten thousand), wounds show up as “deep gouges that warp their mesh.”

By the way, you’re not just facing off against zombies. Think possessed zombies. Whatever souls are left in all those bodies have been invaded by demons, and while you hack and slash, you’ll also have to try and figure out how this satanic uprising even started.

Good luck with that.

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