You'll be shocked when you see how good this Static Shock fan film is

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

If some of you are still reeling from the news that Jaden Smith (After Earth) will be playing Static Shock in the upcoming live-action digital series from Warner Bros., then you should take a look at this excellent fan-made movie to cleanse your palate. But if you’re one of those onboard with the news of Smith's casting (nothing wrong with that), then you should still watch this -- because it's good.

The interesting part of the short, titled Electrogenesis, is the fact that it doesn’t follow a powered-up teenager but, rather, an older Virgil Hawkins, who learns to embrace his powers again following a tragic event in his life. What you have here is not an epic summer blockbuster movie, but an electrifyingly cool (see what I did there?) little character piece with visual effects that are rather well done for a low-budget fan flick. Check it out:

Electrogenesis: A Static Shock Fan Film. Our film follows Virgil Hawkins at a time where he is not Static. A time between being just a normal teenager and a leader within the Justice League. It's a journey of a man who has forgotten his destiny, to his revival as the hero he was always meant to be.

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