You'll believe Tom Cruise is WALL-E in cool Pixar/Oblivion mashup

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Mar 6, 2013, 4:29 PM EST

Tom Cruise as an adorable robot? Hey, weirder things have happened.

When the very first Oblivion trailer dropped, the idea of someone taking care of a deserted, post-apocalyptic Earth felt familiar. But, to be honest, we thought we might be alone in our thoughts that Tom Cruise's latest sci-fi vehicle bore any resemblence to the Pixar classic WALL-E. Turns out we were wrong, and, on this occasion, we were thrilled at our wrongness.

YouTube user Giant Mimosas went beyond just drawing comparisons between Oblivion and WALL-E, they actually took the audio from Oblivion's trailer and mashed it with footage from WALL-E. The result may make your brain feel like an egg on a skillet, but only in the best way possible.

Granted, there was some fudging required to make this sync up, most notably that two female characters from Oblivion were combined for Eve. Despite that, though, we're almost tempted to say this movie could be better than the actual Cruise one that's about to come out.

(via The Mary Sue)