You'll either love or hate these 3 new Before Watchmen covers

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

Some new cover art has been released for the upcoming Before Watchmen comic event, and depending on your opinion of the prequel series, you'll either be really excited—or further annoyed—by the new shots.

The DC writing crew for the new spinoffs are making the rounds this week, doing interviews with everyone from IGN to Rolling Stone, and along the way they've been showing off the second issue cover art for three of the books.

The Rambo-esque Comedian art is actually pretty cool, and at least plays into the backstory we already know of him kicking butt and taking names in the Vietnam War.

The new Minutemen cover retains that fun, vintage feel, and Silk Spectre No. 2 seems artsy but a little boring.

Before Watchmen is, of course, a controversial set of prequels based on Alan Moore's seminal 1986 graphic novel Watchmen, and the new project has been publically denounced by Moore numerous times.

The new series isn't set for release until this summer, but check out all three new covers below.

(via Comic Book Movie)