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You'll need a (face) hug after seeing this couple's maternity photos

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Oct 10, 2018, 3:38 PM EDT (Updated)

Usually a maternity shoot isn't something we'd cover around these parts, but when you have the most chest-bursting maternity shoot of all time, we're sold!

We're willing to bet you'll be sold too after skimming through the gallery posted yesterday by Todd Cameron of British Columbia, Canada. Since his wife Nicole, who's due any day now, wasn't up for a traditional maternity photo shoot, Cameron arranged for something... well, definitely not traditional, unless you're a fan of Ridley Scott's traditional sci-fi canon. 

Check it out...

Now that's dedication to one's craft. Which is apparently par for the course with the Halloween-loving Camerons (no relationship to Aliens director James Cameron, though his dad was also named James, and also loved the holiday), who met during some All Hallows' Eve festivities and have been making intricate costumes and elaborately decorating their home together ever since. "We both love Halloween, crafting, and we both love laughter, so this was the perfect opportunity to make all of those passions come together!" Cameron told SYFYWIRE.

And judging by Cameron's other Facebook pics, they also both love cosplay (his Dude look is particularly well crafted).

Obviously, Cameron is quite an Alien fan too, because no one but a fan would go to this much effort just to disappoint their mother's expectations of what a maternity shoot should be, right? And who but an Alien fan would purchase a Chestburster model at a garage store, and then spend hours putting it together and painting it? 

Of course, time so well spent is what gave Cameron the idea for the out-of-this-galaxy photo shoot, which he wrangled photographer to Li Carter to capture so evocatively.

Yes, it takes a village to create such a happy Halloween scene.  But when your chest is bursting with so much love and geekiness, it's just natural to want to share that feeling with the world.  

So here's wishing the Camerons a joyous life ahead with their new creation, who will most certainly be a handful in the coming years. 

(via Bored Panda)

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