You'll never go camping again after watching this teaser for The Woods

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May 11, 2016, 11:12 PM EDT (Updated)

The director of You're Next and The Guest serves up a terrifying trip to The Woods with his new movie.

Adam Wingard is one of the most interesting independent genre directors working today, with his witty home invasion film You're Next and 2014's genuinely excellent super-soldier-run-amok thriller The Guest bringing him to the edge of mainstream awareness after several years before that of making scrappy, ultra-low-budget features and anthologies (he was also recently hired by Netflix to helm a remake of the Japanese manga/film franchise Death Note). Now working with his regular screenwriting partner, Simon Barrett, Wingard has apparently returned to his grittier horror roots with the upcoming The Woods.

At a first glance,  the new teaser for the movie showcases a film that deploys one of the most cliched setups in horror movie history: a group of young people go camping in the woods and meet up with trouble. But if Wingard and Barrett have shown us anything, it's that they have an uncanny ability to take genre tropes and add a fresh spin to them, which is what I'm betting they've done with The Woods. And even on its own terms, the teaser makes the movie look damn scary (that eerie version of The Police's "Every Breath You Take" doesn't hurt, either).

Based on the filmmakers' track record (you should really check out The Guest in particular) and the buzz I've heard so far, I'm ready to venture into The Woods when it comes out on Sept. 16. How about you?