You'll probably die, too, in this terrifying choose your own adventure Twitter story

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Jan 15, 2015, 4:55 PM EST (Updated)

The classic choose-your-own-adventure genre is making a bit of a comeback, and what better way to modernize the style than cram it into 140 characters on Twitter? 

Twitter user Terence Eden decided to take a shot at it, and created a 23-step adventure using only Twitter. Literally. Every step in the story sends you to a different Twitter account, where you make a decision and jump to a different account depending on your answer. It’s not the first time someone has tried this, but it’s arguably the best effort so far.

The story crams a whole bunch of atmospheric creepiness into 140-character posts, as the protagonist is on the run from some terrifying creatures and desperately trying to find a way to survive. Not surprisingly, you’ll probably die. A lot. But it’s one heck of a fun journey.

Eden told Blastr the story was inspired by Timothy J. Jarvis’ bizarre novel The Wanderer, which follows an immortal man on the run in a far-flung future where he has become the prey. Eden said he felt the book was a “weird look into the eyes of madness,” and wanted to try and convey that feeling in his micro-adventure. After being eaten alive more than a few times, we’d say he succeeded.

In regard to the actual writing process, Eden said the hardest thing to do was phrase his story beats into such a limited amount of space — while still making it creepy and sensical. Not to mention fitting in the next-step questions and Twitter handles to keep the story moving:

“It's *really* hard to be creepy in 140 characters!  I had to make extensive use of exophoric references and hope that the reader would fill in the blanks!”

The game has absolutely blown up in the days since he posted it, even scoring a four-star videogame review from The Guardian this week. The praise is well deserved. Eden does an excellent job of using the limited space to actually build up the creepiness — and we highly recommend you give it a shot and see if you can survive longer than we did.

(Via Terence Eden)