You'll see why this creepy sci-fi short is gonna be a feature film

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Jul 4, 2015

Seriously, one look at this eight-minute short from British filmmaker Matt Westrup and you'll understand why it's getting promoted into a feature film: The Gate features genetic malfeasance, robotic power armor, swell CG beasts and a couple of terrific scares.

The Gate opens with a seemingly routine inquest, with a bunch of stuffy suits sitting around a table, dryly relating a horrific sequence of events that hint at a larger world, one that Westrup will develop for the full-length feature that U.K. company Wayfare will produce.

One look and you'll see why they think there's potential:

I couldn't help but think that, perhaps, a British accent is the cheapest, most unheralded special effect in show business: No matter how stiff the dialogue, how clunky the exposition, a velvety accent just makes it all go down so smoothly you don't even care.

(Via Film School Rejects)

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