You'll need a weird UV gizmo to read the new Warren Ellis comic

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Dec 15, 2012

There's a comic out right now called SVK, and it's relying on one of the strangest gimmicks we've ever heard of—a UV light. If you're skeptical about it, keep in mind that this idea comes straight from the brain of one of comics' greatest talents—Warren Ellis. Yes, really.

The story is about a detective who can read minds. Not necessarily the most original idea in comic history, but that's where the UV light, referred to as the "SCK object," comes in. In addition to the regular text, a special ink is used that can only be seen when the SCK device is used on it. These words represent people's thoughts and inner monologue.

It's an intriguing concept, one that Warren Ellis—known for Transmetropolitan and Planetary— is very proud of:

"SVK was the hardest thing I've written in years. I think it's also the best thing I've written in a few years. And, without offense to my other collaborators, I've known and worked with Matt (Brooker) for twenty years, and that means that not only does stuff appear on the page exactly as I imagined it would, but that it'll also be better than I imagined it."

At $16 for 40 pages, we're not anticipating that this technique will take off, but it does sound fun for at least this one viewing and makes for a unique way of preventing piracy, too.

Will you be picking up a copy?

(via Comics Alliance)

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