Young Bilbo meets Gandalf (and another dwarf song!) in deleted Hobbit scenes

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Nov 4, 2013

Despite the film’s bloated three-hour running time, it turns out Peter Jackson actually did manage to cut a few things from The Hobbit. Want to see?

As we get ready for part two next month, let’s take a look at some of the scenes that landed on the cutting-room floor. So what’d we miss? Not surprisingly, nothing too important — mostly just another dwarf song (because we needed more of them!) and a flashback of Gandalf meeting young Bilbo.

Considering how overlong this film ran as a whole, it makes sense these clips were dropped along the way. They don't really add a whole lot to the story, though every bit expands the universe a bit more. More than anything, it’s interesting to at least get a peek inside Jackson’s editing process.

Check out the clips below and let us know what you think:


(Via MTV, The One Ring)

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