Young Justice Season 3 SDCC panel a celebration of and for the fans

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:16 AM EDT (Updated)

The first word out of the mouths of the panelists at San Diego Comic-Con's Young Justice Season 3 panel was an appropriate one: "Overwhelmed." Not only does it play into the running gag on the show of being various states of "whelmed," it was also the first time that producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti and art director Phil Bourassa got to address the fans directly since the show, canceled after two seasons in 2013, was revived.

"You guys are the ones who brought us back," Vietti said, referencing the online campaign and the binge-viewing of the first two seasons on Netflix. "It was just a matter of time before your voices were heard," Bourassa said to the crowd.

The panel started with a look back at the first two seasons, including a sizzle reel recapping some of the greatest moments. Looking forward to Season 3, while they wouldn't give up any plot details, they did say they're taking advantage of being on a streaming service instead of broadcast TV. Young Justice will be one of the premiere series served up exclusively on DC Entertainment's new streaming service.

There, they have more room to let the show grow up with the characters. "It gets more sophisticated, more challenging," Vietti said.

Vietti and Weisman have been working hard since the announcement, and have twelve scripts finalized with ten already recorded. Ten more are in progress, and the season, titled Young Justice: Outsiders, will have 26 episodes in total. If that goes well, they have a loose plan for Season 4 already, and even have story ideas into Season 5.

"If fans want us to get there, you should watch Season 3 a lot. We want to make the show until we die," Vietti said.


The new character lineup and designs by Bourassa were shown off, though they didn't get into many details. You can check out SYFY WIRE's full analysis of the lineup here.

The concept of the passage of time, something they played with extensively in the first two seasons (including a big five-year time jump in-between) is something that "is very important to the show," including showing how the heroes from the first two seasons have affected the next generation after them. That's why you'll see so many new or legacy characters in the primary lineup.

Don't think that means the originals are gone, though - a piece of art showing an adult Artemis, Nightwing, Aqualad (with a beard), and Superboy in stealth gear closed out the panel.

As for relationships, since they have always played a big role in the show, well, don't expect them to all pick up where Season 2 left off.

"We love those relationships," Weisman said, specifically citing Robin and Zatana, "but not everyone marries their high school sweethearts. Some of us don't find the right person until college, or later, or ever." Time will tell which relationships, old and new, make it into Season 3.

Young Justice Season 3 is set to debut sometime next year on the new as-yet-unnamed DC digital streaming service.

Additional reporting by Lucas Siegel.