A young padawan fights to become a Master in fan film Hoshino

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Nov 7, 2016, 3:28 PM EST (Updated)

When it comes to fan films, Star Wars has certainly seen its share of stories about Jedi, Sith, lightsaber battles and the teachings of the Force, but director Steven Vitale gives Hoshino a female lead and isn't afraid to let the story rest on her shoulders.

Anna Akana plays Ko Hoshino, a padawan who wants what most padawans want: to fight with a lightsaber. Her Master (Tim McKernan) cautions her against looking too far ahead, instead asking her to keep her eye on what's happening in the present. Of course, like other film padawans before her, Ko is more concerned with what she's fighting with than what she's fighting for.

Like those others, she finds herself learning that lesson the hard way.

The interesting part of Hoshino isn't what happens after her lessons are complete, but how she learns those lessons. Vitale lets his actors do the heavy lifting here, and Akana shines by steering well clear of the trap of showing rather than feeling when it comes to her performance.

The film also has some very nice effects, fantastic lightsabers from Saber Forge and Saber Parts and a musical score that fits in well with the story and the Star Wars universe as a whole.

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