You can stop debating who Joey King's playing in Dark Knight Rises

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Dec 16, 2012

We've known for a while that 12-year-old Joey King has a part in The Dark Knight Rises, and we had a pretty strong hunch who she'd be playing. She's been a nameless character for months, but in a new interview King herself is letting slip just who she is in the Batman epic. SPOILERS AHEAD!

In an interview with Canadian site My Entertainment World, King talked a little about the experience of filming The Dark Knight Rises and even called Christopher Nolan "so nice."

Then she was asked who she's playing. As ardent followers of this sort of thing, we're used to hearing quite a few members of the cast artfully dodge the questions or coyly smile. That's not what King did.

"I play young Talia al Ghul. I can't give too much away because I promised Mr. Nolan I wouldn't say anything. There are too many secrets about the character and the movie."

OK, so it's not that big of a spoiler. It's been kind of an open secret for quite some time that this character would be making an appearance, and King is really the only member of the cast who could fill the role.

But there's something even more intriguing further down in this interview. When asked what it's like to work on a major film with such a big, action-style scope, King had this to say:

"You know, it's really really cool doing all those things. In most of my movies I've done all my own stunts. You really feel like you're flying when you're on a harness. It is easy to get caught up in the scene—when you're filming a scene with explosions and you're running away from things and you're flying on a harness, you think it's really happening. It's so much fun ... until they yell "CUT." It's amazing. I love doing all my own stunts, and I love doing all the flying."

King has done action movies before, most notably Battle: Los Angeles, so she's had some experience with that sort of thing. But still, does it sound like maybe she's speaking a bit more about her Dark Knight Rises scenes? In another portion of the interview she says she "didn't have that much time to work with Christopher Nolan," so maybe not, but what if her brief appearance in the flick turns out to be action-based?

We won't know that much until this summer. But hey, at least we walk away from this knowing that one thing we've been speculating about for months really isn't speculation at all.

(via My Entertainment World)

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