Your sci-fi girlfriend, Summer Glau, hangs out with a giant robot in web series Jeff 1000

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Dec 17, 2014, 8:51 AM EST (Updated)

Summer Glau knows that you kinda have a crush on her. She hasn't just accepted that; she's recognized that she will always be that girl you saw in that sci-show you love so much, and she's embraced it. And in the process of taking on a multitude of roles in a boatload of different science fiction vehicles, she's embraced being something else, too -- self-aware.

Further proof that Glau is at least a little cool with the whole "Aren't you River? No, no, I mean the other River" thing is her leading role in the webseries, Jeff 1000, a trilogy of shorts in which Glau plays opposite her co-star and friend, Jeff. Jeff is an ordinary guy who is a newcomer to Hollywood. He's a bit of a fish out of water who hails from some podunk town where he used to have a gig at a car manufacturing plant -- he's also a 10-foot-tall robot. No big deal.

This certainly isn't the first series to poke fun at how ridiculous Hollywood is, but it is the first to do it with Summer Glau and a giant robot. There's also an adorable pug involved, should that be a deciding factor for you.

Does this seem like it could be a Syfy show to anyone else?

(via Whedonesque)

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