Your 14-minute end-to-end tour of the MASSIVE Comic-Con floor

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

You know that the Comic-Con exhibit hall is HUGE, right? How huge is it? So huge that it took me 14 minutes to walk the length of it. And why would I do such a thing? As a public service, of course—so you could walk along with me and see what Comic-Con is REALLY like!

Another way you can tell the exhibit floor is huge? Walking it end to end—from the lesser populated fringes into the roiling sea of humanity at the center and then back out again—created a video too long be uploaded to YouTube as a single clip. It had to be broken into the two seven-minute clips below.

So put on some comfortable shoes and start walking. And keep an eye out for Wonder Woman (well, Wonder Women), a cylon, Wolverine and more.

And please forgive the occasionally shaky video—it's not easy navigating through 125,000 fans!