The hottest stories and best comments of the week

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Here's a list of our hottest stories (and believe us, Yvonne Strahovski in the shower is HOT) and best comments this week in case you missed anything. It's sort of like a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: 6 ways to reinvent Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Keanu Reeves?

Your best comment: If he can't portray one personality, how do you expect Keanu to portray 2?—Pagrin

Our story: Outraged Nigerian minister wants District 9 banned

Your best comment: My dearest friend

I hope that this letter finds you in good health. I am counsel for grandson of disposed Nigerian general. Years ago a lawsuit against Sony movie District 9 earned the general 35 million dollars. A cout happened and the family had to flee before claiming this money. It was hidden in a numbered account in a safety deposit box. As you are a trustworthy person, I am asking for you help to recover this money and will share in proceeds with you.

May hope shine eternal upon your caring soul—Impish

Your runner-up comment: The movie does not insult all Nigerians --
only the inter-species-hooker/violent-arms-dealer/superstitious-cannibal

Our story: Jedi accuses UK department store of religious discrimination

Your best comment: His Jedi name oughta be Needsa Lyfe—Cris

Our story: Sci-fi in memoriam: We list the people the Emmys left out

Your best comment: Award shows have a long-standing tradition of snubbing science fiction and those associated with it. That's why I have a long-standing tradition of snubbing awards shows.—MSgt

Our story: Oh no! Kanye interrupts your favorite sci-fi show!

Your best comment: Is Kanye the new LOL Cat?—Dead Megatron

Our story: What's your pick for the real U.S.S. Enterprise?

Your best comment: If everyone would look closely, Enterprise 1701-A was not introduced until the end of Star Trek 4, the refitted Enterprise from the first movie had no A.—LT

Our story: Sci-fi shower scenes: Video of the 29 sexiest and strangest

Your best comment: That Lexx clip is sleazy, nasty, freaky, kinky, pornographic, and all around just wrong...and for Sci Fi Wire to post this, it is also just...wrong, but if this is being wrong...I don't want to be right!!! I applaud you for having the blue balls to post this--I love it!!! Carry-on with the good work and don't let all the goodie-two shoes naysayers stop you from doing more of this in the future!!! This has to be the greatest web site ever!!!—Uber Critic

Our story: You can finally see the best sci-fi film of the year starting Nov. 25

Your best comment: There is nothing scientific about The Road.

It is a work of fiction without any science base.

I'm not associating sci-fi with space ships and laser beams. Pretensions ahoy!

The Road is not science fiction just because it takes place in a post apocalyptic setting. That is bunk, tripe and swill. Not to mention rationalization of the highest sort.

Asimov's Robot books are a great example of science fiction lacking space ships and laser beams. They are detective/crime stories that are science fiction because they ask us to try and classify the place of artificial life forms in the chain of life.

Seriously...The Road is not sci-fi. Remain deluded and believe otherwise if you want to.


Anybody that read this book and thought it was 'boring' totally missed the point. It's not an adventure story and its value is not derived from what the characters do during the course of events.

The book is about a father's love for his son in a hopelessly irredeemable world. It's about the lengths he will go to not only to protect him and not only to deliver him to a safe place, but of how he wants to teach the boy right from wrong in a world where right and wrong may not have much meaning anymore.

If you can not appreciate the character dynamics between the father and son and the motivation of the father's actions, then this book is not for you.—Talso

Our story: New footage: Is Avatar a better game than film?

Your best comment: Wow, a game where you use futuristic weapons to run around killing innocent animals. What will Avatar 2 be like? Roaming around in a pet store in a mech suit killing goldfish and kittens?—azathoth

Our story: 17 amazing sci-fi themed cakes

Your best comment: Funny thing about cakes,sometimes the worst looking ones taste the best, and the best looking ones taste of sawdust... —divephotog

Our story: Is this what Nicolas Cage's Superman would have looked like?

Your best comment: That clip was nearly as stupid as the script for Superman Returns.

Hang on, wait a minute. Nothings as stupid as the script for Superman Retuns, it's just not possible.—Abraxsis

Our story: Heroes ratings plummet. Do you even care anymore?

Your best comment: I have to look at Heroes as a fading relationship.

Occasionally something will remind me why I fell in love with Heroes, but then Heroes will do something to make me wonder why I'm still with it. I find myself avoiding the phone when Heroes calls, and instead checking the voice-mail after it's become a missed call (that's Hulu).

At night I lay awake in bed and wonder where things went wrong? Was I in denial? How long have my friends not liked Heroes? I close my eyes. Neither of us are really asleep. We're close in bed, but a gap we both recognize divides us. We know if we move closer to each other we might fall through the gaping hole between us that's been tearing apart.

Heroes tells me that it loves me. I find it harder each time to say the same, and after a moment I say the same. I steady my breathing so it thinks I'm asleep and stare at the wall as I hear it cry gently.—captainwhat