Your complete guide to all the recently canceled sci-fi TV shows

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

After months of fretting, we now know which television shows have survived and which ones have not. It's time to say goodbye to Heroes and FlashForward so we can make way for family superheroes, dinosaurs and spies.

Here's our look at this season's shows that have been canceled (unlike Lost, which got a chance to set its own end date), complete with fan comments and our own Sadness Factor (from 0 to 10, with 10 being the shows we'll miss the most).

24 (Fox)

Born: 11/6/01
# of Seasons: 8
# Episodes Aired: 190
# of Unaired Episodes: 2, which air on Monday.
Our Favorite Episode: "Day 1: 11:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M." - In a shocking end to the day, after Jack fought so hard to save his wife and daughter, his wife is murdered by Nina.
Sadness Factor: 4—after eight seasons, we're just tired, and Jack needs a day off.
And the viewers say: "so glad 24 has redeemed itself and will be ending on a high note. Why couldn't it have been this good all season?" tweeted JasonTD.

(And if you're wondering why 24 makes this list, check out our story on "Eight reasons why Fox's 24 is really science fiction. Really!")

Better Off Ted (ABC)

Born: 3/18/09
# of Seasons: 2
# Episodes Aired: 24
# of Unaired Episodes: 2
Our Favorite Episode: "Racial Sensitivity" - When the politically incorrect corporation accidentally creates a motion sensor that can't see black people, their solution is to have white people follow their African-American employees around to trigger doors and the like. ... It was one of the funniest episodes of any series ever, with material no other show could have gotten away with.
Sadness Factor: 8
And the viewers say: "ABC never gave this show a chance. They kept changing the time it was on and moving it around. They could have put it with the Wednesday line-up at 8 instead of running re-runs of In the Middle. Better yet, they could sandwich it between In the Middle and Modern Family. I bet it would get outstanding ratings. Well, maybe they will put on another cop show or medical drama. We sure need more of those!" commented Veronica on

Dollhouse (Fox)

Born: 2/13/09
# of Seasons: 2
# Episodes Aired: 25
# of Unaired Episodes: 1
Our Favorite Episode: "Epitaph One" - While a lot of disappointment swirled around the first season, the episode that never aired but was on the season-one DVD showed us where creator Joss Whedon was headed ... and we liked it.
Sadness Factor: 6
And the viewers say: "Why am I NOT surprised. The Friday night slot on FOX for Sci-fi is a killer. At least this time FOX gave Joss some warning, as if he couldn't read the hand writing on the wall," wrote Brian_R at

Eastwick (ABC)

Born: 9/23/09
# of Seasons: 1
# Episodes Aired: 11
# of Unaired Episodes: 2
Our Favorite Episode: "Pilot" - Three New England women make a wish on a coin and summon a mysterious man to their town. Yes, the pilot was a bit slow, but it was entertaining nonetheless.
Sadness Factor: 3
And the viewers say: "I love this show. Maybe not enough was done to promote it. Most people I talked never heard of it. Put in back on," wrote Paula on However, Casey on the same site commented, "They took too long to get to the juice of it. I think that was the downfall."

Ghost Whisperer (CBS)

Born: 9/23/05
# of Seasons: 5
# Episodes Aired: 107
# of Unaired Episodes: 0
Our Favorite Episode: "The One" - Which pulled a Sixth Sense-style shocker on us when we discovered that Andrea, and not her brother, was the ghost and died due to the plane crash.
Sadness Factor: 5
And the viewers say: "If CBS is brainless enough to cancel a show that always wins its timeslot, yes, ABC should pick it up and, hopefully, air it opposite Medium," wrote Bill at

FlashForward (ABC)

Born: 9/24/09
# of Seasons: 1
# Episodes Aired: 20 episodes/21 episodic hours
# of Unaired Episodes: 1 -- but the finale airs on May 27
Our Favorite Episode: "No More Good Days" - The first episode was the best of the bunch, and that moment where Mark wakes up from his flash-forward and hops on a car to see the a city in turmoil was shocking. It really never got any better than that.
Sadness Factor: 4
And the viewers say: "I think ABC tanked their own show for some reason, probably internal politics. Only a few of the best shows (e.g. Supernatural) could take a hiatus of that length and expect anyone to care when it came back. The story was weak to begin with, so I think they found a way to pass the blame," commented 4Aces on

Happy Town (ABC)

Born: 4/28/10
# of Seasons: 1
# Episodes Aired: 3
# of Unaired Episodes: 5 - The remaining episodes will air over the summer.
Our Favorite Episode: "In This Home on Ice" - Because you've got to love a good railroad spike through the head to start off the action.
Sadness Factor: 2
And the viewers say: "Ever see Old Yeller? Best to just put this dog of a show out of its misery," sniped skumchiken on, while leeann78 tweeted, "Omg! They cancelled Happy Town already?!?! After three episodes?!?!?! Was just starting to get into it!"

Heroes (NBC)

Born: 9/25/06
# of Seasons: 4
# Episodes Aired: 77
# of Unaired Episodes: 0
Our Favorite Episode: "Homecoming" - The culmination of the cheerleader-saving business when things were bright and shiny and Heroes could do no wrong.
Sadness Factor: 6
And the viewers say: "Why NBC Why? Heroes hasn't been the greatest in the last seasons. Average viewers got bored of the predictability of the show. I seriously though would love to see how it would have ended. Where is your faith to fans to develop an ending," stated finish what you started at And J_NINEB tweeted, "wanna know why they cancelled Heroes, although I stopped watching it, that show was damn good!"

Legend of the Seeker (Syndicated)

Born: 11/1/08
# of Seasons: 2
# Episodes Aired: 44
# of Unaired Episodes: 0
Our Favorite Episode: "Reckoning" - It ended the first season on a high note when Richard killed the Big Bad, Darken Rahl. For a moment all seemed right with the world.
Sadness Factor: 7
And the fans say: "I have officially given up on TV. Legend of the Seeker has been cancelled. There will be no 3rd season! Why does the world hate me!? >:'(" tweeted TheWriter1225.

Past Life (Fox)

Born: 2/11/10
# of Seasons: 1
# Episodes Aired: 3
# of Unaired Episodes: 4
Our Favorite Episode: None, but we only watched the pilot and we barely remember it.
Sadness Factor: 1
And the viewers say: "While I thought Past Life was a poorly done execution of an interesting concept, I did like Giddish, and I hope [her] new show does well," commented Anthony at However, Christina at the same site wrote, "I loved this show ... or at least what i saw of it ... For the people in charge of airing tv shows, why do you guys always cancel the good ones?"

* # Episodes Aired is approximate and depends on how two-hour episodes were calculated.

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