You're going to have to wait a little longer for Wolverine 2

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Krystal Clark
Dec 15, 2012

Wolverine 2 just can't catch a break! Twentieth Century Fox really wants the movie in theaters, but it keeps hitting roadblocks. The latest issues involve a production delay and a possible location change.

Fox was eyeing this fall as the production start for Wolverine 2 but now they're looking at Spring 2012. Why the shift? The story in Christopher McQuarrie's screenplay is predominantly set in Japan, but because of weather-related issues and damage from the massive earthquake earlier this year, they're having trouble finding locations.

If Japan is exed out (pun intended), the crew will more than likely set up shop in Vancouver, which will have to double for Japan. The previous X-Men films were shot in Canada, so this shouldn't be that much of a change for the Wolverine crew. Granted, it won't be as authentic as Japan itself—but safety first!

Another cause for the delay may be related to Hugh Jackman's busy work schedule. There's word that the studio wants to hold off shooting Wolverine 2 until Jackman has wrapped his current film, Les Miserables.

These delays may seem discouraging, but we don't think Fox will let this series die. After all, X-Men Origins: Wolverine earned almost $400 million worldwide, and they surely want to keep that money coming.

(via Deadline)

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