YouTube feels a second beat for Impulse, greenlights show for Season 2

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Jul 19, 2018, 7:02 PM EDT

Impulse, the supernatural thriller series that sends a telekinetically gifted high school student on the hunt for the source of her newfound powers, is getting a second season following YouTube’s successful debut of the show on its premium subscription service earlier this year. 

YouTube announced the Doug Liman-directed series will be getting 10 all-new episodes, after the free-to-view pilot episode racked up close to 8 million views since its first appearance in early June.

Impulse on YouTube

Set in the fictional town of Reston, New York, Impulse follows 16-year-old Henrietta “Henry” Cole, who begins to realize there’s something very real behind her lifelong hunch that she’s different from her peers — especially after a stressful event brings out her powers in ways she can’t control.

Impulse evolves the universe introduced with Jumper, the 2008 adaptation of the Steven Gould sci-fi novel that explored similar themes of teenage telekinesis and teleportation. Both projects are adaptations from Gould’s book series, which began with the publication of the original Jumper novel in 1992.

Alongside its SDCC announcement of Origin, another new futuristic thriller, YouTube appears to be going all in on science fiction for its premium subscription platform. No firm release date for Season 2 of Impulse has been revealed, but the next batch of episodes reportedly will land sometime in 2019.