Why you've never seen an alien invasion like Battle: L.A.

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Alien invasions—we know what that means, right? A whole planet gone to war, Roland Emmerich blowing up the world, Will Smith whupping E.T.'s ass. But the upcoming Battle: Los Angeles has a completely different, more personal approach.

The film stars Aaron Eckhart as the leader of a Marine squad fighting off an alien invasion in L.A. Taylor Handley plays a Marine in the squad, and he told us about the film's unique take on alien attacks.

"It's kind of cool, because all the alien movies in the past, it really involves the world as a whole," Handley said in an exclusive interview on March 16 in Austin, Texas, where his film Skateland played at the South by Southwest Film Festival. "In this movie it's different, because it just focuses on one fire squad in particular."

Battle: Los Angeles can show the nitty-gritty specific operations of just how one branch of the military could operate an anti-alien campaign. Sort of like how Transformers analyzed their tactics against giant robots, right?

"It's just how they do their ops in the middle of downtown Los Angeles," Handley continued. "It's really cool. It doesn't flash to any big president or anything. It's really all about the boys defending American soil."

The actors went through the standard Hollywood boot camp so they could look like they understood the tactics they'd be acting out. "Oh, man, shoot machine guns, fly over cars, just rock 'n' roll," Handley bragged. "We had some great guys giving us all the tips. We did a three-week boot camp, learned a lot of drills, a lot of tactics. That was really fun. That was probably my favorite part."

There is some hand-to-hand combat, too, Handley hinted. "Face to face with the aliens," he teased. "I can't really tell you that."

Battle: Los Angeles, directed by Jonathan Liebesman, is due Feb. 18, 2011, from Columbia Pictures.

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