Z Nation's A Nice Day For A Warren Wedding

Z Nation 4.07 recap: Send in the clowns

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Mar 26, 2021, 5:00 PM EDT (Updated)

SPOILER WARNING! Spoilers ahead for Z Nation's “A Nice Day for a Warren Wedding,” because hey … it's a TV Recap.

To make up for last week's seriously good episode, after a quick Lucy funeral, Z Nation goes to the clowns, literally. So this week we get a funeral, clowns, a wedding, more clowns, and a rap battle while Murphy gets to work out some of his Lucy issues.

A freaky little blue bright spot.” - Doc

“A Nice Day for a Warren Wedding” opens with the gang looking at Lucy's covered body on a funeral pyre. With everyone choked up, it's up to Doc to say a few words. “In your short time here you damn near saved the world.” 10K sets the pyre on fire, and a sad gang takes off.

As they travel in a truck, some engine problems force them to stop, and an angry Murphy beats the heck out a Z. “Nothing good comes from anything,” the Murph tells Warren. With the truck fixed they head on their journey.

Z Nation's A Nice Day For A Warren Wedding

It doesn't take long before they hear a woman cry for help as they start to go past a farm with a ferris wheel and a circus motif, with a sign that reads “Mystery Hill Carnevil, Exit Now.” Doc claims it must be “the world's saddest carnival.” They find a middle-aged woman tied to a ferris wheel car and Zs stretching up to try and reach her. Doc works to trap the Zs in a car, while the others help free the woman.

I tell you, it's not the zombies that make the apocalypse suck. It's the damn people.” - Doc

The woman they saved tells them about the guys who tied her to the ferris wheel, and Murphy's ready to go kill them. Warren and the gang want to leave after saving the woman. “Now Murphy, I know you're hurting, but this will not bring back Lucy, or Red, Addy, Sun Mae, 5K or any of them,” says Warren. The setup from this episode might as well have a big “Escape While You Can Suckers” sign all over it. From Janice, the crazed woman they rescue, to the circus elements, to Murphy's desire to beat the crap out of just about anything, there's pretty much no way this is going to end well.

But before Warren can stop him, Murphy's off with 10K and Doc trailing behind him, heading toward a voice and noise coming from a shack. They come upon a giant mushroom sculpture. After 10K mentions the mushroom, Doc says, “Oh, good. You see it too? I thought I was having a flashback.” You gotta love Doc.

While Sgt. Lily stays with Janice, who gets crazier as the episode goes on, Warren joins the others as the gang stake out where some voices and noises are coming from. Warren tries to talk Murphy down. “You can't just kill bad guys,” she tells him. But Murphy's not about to give up his anger. When the gang sees a couple of drunk clowns ... yes, actual clowns ... come out of a building, Murphy hacks them to pieces with his cane/sword. Of course, that means it's the perfect time for a Warren vision. In moments, more evil clowns appear and they get the drop on our gang.

Z Nation's A Nice Day For A Warren Wedding

Meanwhile, Sgt. Lily is getting an earful from Janice. The guys who tied up Janice were apparently her own people. And judging from her “charming” personality, it's hard to find fault with what Janice's clowns did. However, she does offer Sgt. Lily some prime zombie drugs. But Lily tells the woman, “Thanks. The apocalypse makes me numb enough already.”

Yeah, well, it's time to drain the gene pool.” - Murphy

Warren, Doc, 10K, and Murphy are the unfortunate guests of the killer clowns and their Dark Carnival of Mayhem, and they're one nasty, stoned bunch. They tie 10K up to a knife wheel as a knife is tossed at him, Doc's chained up so his head sticks out of a drawing of a girl while pool balls are tossed at him, Murphy's chained to an electric shock cage, and Warren is tied to a chair and forced into a bizarre Drink For Your Life drinking game with the King Clown.

At this point, it's pretty much all bizarre silly nonsense. The clowns are drunk or stoned enough that you never quite believe our gang couldn't take them. Doc gets loose and frees 10K, and then they get captured again. Warren and the King engage in a bizarro rap battle, which of course leads the King to decide she'd make a good Zugalo Queen.

A Sinister Minister arrives, Doc and 10K end up in clown face, and Warren finds herself with the King standing before the Minister. Unfortunately, the vows involve the exchange of pinky fingers, a tradition that doesn't exactly appeal to Warren. But then Sgt. Lily and “Mom,” aka Janice, arrive, and she's none too happy to see her son the King about to get married without even inviting her to the wedding.

Z Nation's A Nice Day For A Warren Wedding

Chaos ensues as zombie Dad is brought out of the closet to approve or disapprove of the wedding, at least until Mom and King go at it. It's finally up to Murphy to try and talk some sense into the pair, with a little help from the electric shock treatment that he's been subjected to. “Stop trying to kill your mom. It's hard being a parent these days,” Murphy tells him. After chastising both of them and relating it to losing Lucy, Murphy electrocutes Mom and the King runs off as the rest of the gang take out the clowns.

As the gang escapes, it's “time to GTFO,” says Warren. The King Clown runs into a clown car -- the one that Doc put all the Zs in -- and more Zs follow him in. Let's just say, when it comes to a car filled with killer Z clowns, it does not go well for the King on his wedding day.

As the episode ends, things get serious again as Warren tells Murphy, “You were right about Lucy. What happened was my fault.” She tells him she doesn't want to risk their lives, and they are going to head North to Newmerica.

So in the end, we have a very silly episode embracing every possible clown joke the writers can come up with. Unfortunately, the episode also has the gang sleepwalking through much of it. It's almost as if the writers, to make up for taking the series to a real place last week, had to freak out and go in the silliest opposite direction possible. Yes, Murphy rids himself of some of his anger, and Warren decides she needs to stop risking her friends' lives and they need to go North. But it's really just a Clown Bizarro Burrito, with only Doc throwing the really funny lines. Beyond that, would any of those stoned killer clowns have survived that long during a zombie apocalypse?