Z Nation's "Crisis of Faith"

Z Nation 4.08 recap: Sometimes you've just got to believe

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Nov 17, 2017

Spoilers ahead for Z Nation's “Crisis of Faith,” because hey … it's a TV Recap.

Just when you think Z Nation has gone to the clowns, aka last week's episode, we end up at “Z Con 4” as Citizen Z's baby mama, Kaya, gets attacked by Zona bad guys at Camp Northern Lights. Meanwhile, on the way to Newmerica, the gang hits the Canadian border, where they run into nice zombies, nun zombies, hockey zombies, bell-ringing zombies, and some other weird stuff.

Don't tease the frozen zombie.” - Kaya

“Crisis of Faith” kicks off with Kaya making some repairs up at Camp Northern Lights while her toddler son “plays” with both a Z and dog frozen under the ice (could it be Pup?). Then off in the distance she sees someone approaching, maybe even the long-missing Simon, aka Citizen Z? But no, it's several Zona baddies, and they start to shoot at her and the little one. She scoops him up and rushes inside, where she grabs her Nana and her bug-out kit, and they hide in the depths of the facility.

The good news is that this means we'll certainly see a return to the Citizen Z storyline, which has been teased recently, and perhaps even the return of DJ Qualls. But for this episode we get Momma Bear Kaya taking shots at the Zona crew and putting out a distress call.

Frozen wasteland of peace, here I come.” - Murphy

At the Canadian border, the gang stops at a picturesque church on their way to Newmerica, where they have a little fun with the Canadian zombies. “I don't mean to stereotype, but those were the nicest zombies I've ever seen,” Doc claims. Well, that is until a zombie hockey team attacks and they flee into the church. With the Zs on the doors, they're trapped and forced to face zombie nuns, and the religious jokes fly via Murphy and Doc.

Z Nation's "Crisis of Faith"

As they take out the nuns, which they're a little conflicted about, Murphy says, “This is why I hate organized religion.” While Doc adds, “As if Catholic school didn't scare me enough.” Really, Doc was raised Catholic?

After the nuns are dispatched, including a guitar-toting zombie nun, a priest, and a choir boy, Warren admits she's having a little crisis of faith regarding her visions. Are they real? Or is she just nuts? Since Warren ended up with some of Murphy's blood in her, which connects them, she convinces him to join with her in a little mind-melding session.

I got issues.” - Murphy

With a little concentration, Murphy finds himself in a Warren vision in a field facing her on a beautiful day. But it isn't long before Warren's fiery rain starts to fall and he bursts into flames. After Murphy snaps out of the vision, he suddenly knows exactly how Warren feels and why she's been letting her visions drive the direction they've traveled in.

But because this episode can't all be about zombie nuns and Warren's feelings, a ninja-looking fellow pops up out of nowhere and runs by them. They chase after him, but he locks himself in the bell room and starts ringing the bells, which brings even more Zs pounding on the church's door.

The gang captures the bell-ringing ninja guy, who is actually a man named Lewis, who's on the hunt for religious relics. After sizing him up they realize he's not a threat and learn that he's after the finger of a saint that may have the power to heal. However, when the Zs break into the church, the gang find themselves in tunnels below the church, which may help them escape.

Z Nation's "Crisis of Faith"

One of the Zs falls through after them and releases a green gas. “Is it just me, or does that Z reek way more than usual?” asks Murphy. It's hard to tell what the green gas is, but it isn't the first time we've seen it. It means something, and may involve the Mad Zs, the gang's missing people, and/or Zona.

We hit a brick wall.” - Doc

Literally the gang run into a brick wall, and they begin to try to break it down while Lewis finds a crypt, which may contain the finger relic. “If the relic can really cure people, people are going to need healing after this is all over,” says Lewis.

Warren asks Lewis about his faith, and he admits he's not religious. He's on a mission. “How do you know if you're doing something good or if you're just delusional?” asks Warren. Lewis tells her, “You don't.”

We need a miracle, an actual one.” - Warren

When they finally get the crypt open, the dead cardinal inside becomes zombified after getting whiff of the green gas. The gang take care of Cardinal Z, and Lewis is disappointed he can't find his relic. When the gang think they're trapped with no way past the zombies, Warren acknowledges that they need a real miracle. And they get one. Sort of.

Magically, the bells start ringing, and the Zs leave the tunnel entrance. As the gang escape the tunnel, they see that the Zs have gotten tangled up in the bell ropes and they are ringing the bells. As the gang leave the church, they see a ray of light, which lands on a peaceful-looking dead girl, who looks a lot like a young Lucy. In her hands is the relic that Lewis has been looking for.

Outside the church, Lewis asks them if they need anything, and he gives them a battery that runs their transmitter. They say goodbye to Lewis, who pulls up his ninja mask and heads off. The gang get the transmitter working and hear Kaya's distress call, but she can't hear them. They need more powerful broadcasting equipment.

Sometimes you just got to believe.” - Murphy

Warren suddenly walks away, back toward the U.S. The gang get in their van and pick her up. As Lewis walks past the church, they pass him, and he waves as they honk their horn. Then, after they've passed, a Z bursts through the roof of the church and lands on Lewis, smushing him instantly. You got to love a happy ending.

Z Nation's "Crisis of Faith"

I was actually feeling good that Lewis' encounter with the gang didn't kill him, until it did. It was funny and surprising, but also a bit sad. Wouldn't it be nice if occasionally the people they met didn't die a horrible death? I kind of liked the idea of Lewis out there collecting relics that might someday help heal mankind.

On another note, I wish Warren would snap out of it. She's sleepwalking through the episodes, and I miss the old kick-ass Warren who was in control of her own actions and not being driven by mysterious visions. I'd also like to get some answers. The beginning of the season piled on the questions, and we've just been stumbling through episode after episode with no idea why.

In the past, Z Nation had a clear mission. Get Murphy to the scientists who might be able to use the unique aspects of The Murph to save the human race. Or even the mission to stop Murphy from turning everyone into blends. We have no clue what the mission is now. While it's good to have a return of the Citizen Z storyline, I miss Z Nation having a mission. I miss Addy. I miss the old Warren. I even miss Murphy being blue. With only a few episodes left, let's hope the mission becomes clear soon.

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