Z Nation's 'A New Mission: Keep Moving'

Z Nation: It's time for a vision intervention

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Mar 26, 2021, 9:00 AM EDT (Updated)

SPOILER WARNING! Spoilers ahead for Z Nation's “A New Mission: Keep Moving,” because hey … it's a TV Recap.

Apparently, at some point during the Apocalypse in Z Nation, a Great Pile of cars developed that goes on for 200 miles. It's into this environment -- filled with cars, motor homes, buses, Mad Zs, regular Zs, exploding Zs, rat Zs, Enders, and Zona baddies -- that our heroes venture on their trek east, driven by Warren's visions.

“Hope they're not all that hard to kill.” - Murphy

“A New Mission: Keep Moving” opens with the gang killing a Mad Z that just doesn't want to die. “Why couldn't the virus mutate into happy, peace-loving zombies that crave weed instead of brains?” quips Doc. Heading east has brought the group into car-ocalypse territory, where anything can pop out at our gang at any moment, and it does.

Z Nation's 'A New Mission: Keep Moving'

Murphy doesn't buy into just following Warren blindly, and wants to know why they're going east, and how far east. He wants to go to Newmerica, but with Lucy and everyone else following Warren, he's stuck. And he's also desperately trying to get close to Lucy, who isn't buying into the daughter/dad business. “You aren't my dad. My dad was blue. My dad could talk to zombies. My dad could feel me from across the country and I could feel him. You aren't my dad!”

Still hating on Teen Angst Lucy.

“Why so blue?” - Warren

The subject of their missing friends, Addy and Red, comes up, but then a “critter” starts chasing them. It's some sort of zombie rat that sends them scattering. During the chaos, two Zona thugs nab Lucy. Warren's able to kill one of them while vision-questing, but the other drags Lucy off. Murphy tracks them down and he's able to trap the other Zona guy on the wrong side of a bunch of Zs.

The group comes back together and begins to bicker. But Sgt. Lily isn't having any of it. “What we have here is a lack of unit cohesion. I didn't mercy my two best friends to put up with this s**t.” 

Z Nation's 'A New Mission: Keep Moving'

While no one seems concerned that there might be more Zona guys around, we do discover that Murphy may not be as “cured” as he thinks he is. When he gets a slight injury and tastes his own blood, it looks like the Former Blue One enjoys it a little too much.

And Murphy being Murphy, he can't help but harp about his problems with Lucy and about them heading away from Newmerica.

“Sorry Murph. Looks like the craziest person wins.” - Doc

As they push on, they're suddenly attacked by Enders, the humans who've gone crazy due to the apocalypse. The Enders steal all their weapons and stuff. With no weapons – although 10K does have his slingshot – they find themselves near the edge of the Great Pile. However, it's not taking them east, and once again Warren heads east, back into the Pile, and they all follow her.

Finally, Murphy's had enough. “That's it. Time for a vision intervention." They manage to get Warren into a bus, where they have an intervention, with Murphy leading the discussion. When pressed for more info on her vision, she tells them about the fire in the sky and the black ashen rain that melts everything it touches. They all vote to go to Newmerica, and Warren agrees to go with them.

As they head out, she tells Lucy, “What I feel and what I know are two different things. And what I know is that we got to get you to Newmerica. For Addy.” But somehow we know this isn't the end of the whole heading-east business.

“That's a smorgasbord of bad-assery.” - Doc

They quickly run across a normal Z crawling along, strapped with loads of weapons. Sgt. Lily realizes the Z is booby-trapped and disarms it. Murphy decides he needs a weapon, and he finds a cane. The others grab their weapon of their choice. When another Z attacks, Murphy grabs his cane and realizes it has a sword in it. He slices and dices.


Just as they're at the clearing and about to escape the Pile, Warren takes off and heads toward a flashing antenna tower that she saw in one of her visions. The others follow. Warren makes it to the antenna and hangs on halfway up, with Zs surrounding the antenna.

On the way to find Warren, the gang runs into some “puppies and kittens,” aka zombies, and another normal Z that's wired to explode. Lucy can read the Z's mind and wants to help her, but Sgt. Lily can't defuse the explosives. Terrified that Lucy will get hurt, Murphy stabs the Z with his sword, and Warren arrives to get Lucy away just in time as the Z's body falls and sets off the explosion.

“Let's never do that again.” - Murphy

They're all shook up but okay. Warren tells them she found something and takes them to the antenna. As the others head off, Murphy cuts into his belly and gets another taste of blood. It's definitely a little freaky.

At the antenna, 10K climbs it and sees a road heading east, out of the Pile, that's not far. They're able to get a channel and it's Kaya, Citzen Z's lady. While they can't connect with her, they hear their child in the background and Kaya says, “Your family is always waiting for you, Simon. We always will be.” That answers one question, although it does not tell us or the characters about the fate of Citizen Z.

After Kaya signs off, they think they see a zombie and 10K nails it with his slingshot. But it's an Ender with a Rat puppet. So there were no Rat Zs after all.

Z Nation

They get to the outskirts of the Pile and Warren admits, “I'm going east. It doesn't seem like I have much of a choice.” Still she wants them to go to Newmerica, but Doc doesn't like the idea of them splitting up. As for Murphy, “I don't know what's going on in that head of yours, but I'm going to throw a little faith your way ... for now.” Then it's all about puppies and kittens as they rush off before the latest round of Zs can get them.

“A New Mission: Keep Moving” is a typical Z Nation episode. It's fun, dark, action-packed, and without many answers. We still don't know any more about Warren's visions, going east, Newmerica, Zona, the Unkillable Mad Zs, Addy's situation, what happened to the missing Red, Mei and others, why the Zona thugs are trying to grab Lucy, or the fate of Citizen Z. A new mystery has been added in that Murphy's getting a growing taste for blood, and we've learned that there are both normal Zs and Mad Zs. We don't know why there's a difference. We're four episodes in. It's time for some answers.