In Z for Zachariah clip, Chiwetel Ejiofor bathes in the wrong water

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Aug 18, 2015, 2:12 PM EDT (Updated)

When we first met Chiwetel Ejiofor, it was as a katana-wielding government assassin in Serenity. When next we saw Ejiofor, it was as a member of a revolutionary group in Children of Men. And now, when we see him in Z for Zachariah, he is mostly naked. 

In this one-minute clip, we meet Ann Burden (Margot Robbie), a young woman with a dog and a gun, as she encounters John Loomis (Ejiofor) bathing in a stream. It’s not the most pleasant meeting, as you may see, below.

Before you watch it, a little background: Ann is the survivor of a nuclear holocaust, and until she meets John, she believes she’s the last person in the world. But then another stranger, Caleb (Chris Pine), joins them, and the audience recognizes that she's the last woman in the world. With two men.

The eponymous novel upon which Z for Zachariah is based is a YA book—and a deeply disturbing one at that. The movie ages up the protagonist, Ann, and adds Caleb to create what appears to be a lethal love triangle. 

Check it out.