Zachary Levi hints Kickstarter could help fund a Chuck movie next

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Mar 14, 2013, 11:27 AM EDT

In the wake of the trailblazing success that was that Veronica Mars Kickstarter-funded movie project, Chuck actor Zachary Levi is now hinting at a possible Chuck movie.

Since the movie project based on that beloved cult series Veronica Mars will finally be entering production after many years of waiting -- all thanks to the fans, who have raised more than $2 million in less than 24 hours on Kickstarter -- our favorite nerd herd Chuck Bartowski himself, actor Zachary Levi, is now hopeful the same could be achieved to fund a Chuck movie.

The actor, who we'll see as Fendral in Thor: The Dark World later this year, took to Twitter and congratulated Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell as well as series creator Rob Thomas on "helping move entertainment a little closer in the direction I've always hoped it would go."

Levi also tweeted:

Then Chuck creator Josh Schwartz also took to Twitter, saying:

He then later made it clear that his first tweet was a "joke" adding that he "sincerely appreciate[s]" the ongoing support of Chuck fans. We don't know about you guys, but we miss all those Subway sandwiches. Really.

Back in February, Levi had mentioned the use of Kickstarter to bolster the possibility of a Chuck movie.

"I really want to do [the Chuck movie] Kickstarter style," he said. "I want it to be something that the fans can all pitch in for ... because we've always been supported and survived on our fans anyway."

With the surprisingly awesome success of the Kickstarter-funded campaign for that Veronica Mars film, do you think a Chuck movie could really, truly be possible as well? Think the fans will answer in droves? And, more importantly, will there be Subway sandwiches AND Morgan's (Joshua Gomez) beard?

(via Digital Spy)